Heidi was entering 2023 with a new visual identity, prepared by XO Media. You can read more about it here.

The next step in refreshing the corporate image of the reputable agency was to prepare a website from scratch - a key contact tool for its Customers: German families seeking 24-hour care for their seniors.

Readable, transparent, inspiring confidence, and emphasizing Heidi's professionalism - this is what we aimed at when creating the website. We have accomplished this goal by building the communication tool comprehensively – from the creation of the website's information architecture and layout to the preparation and translation of substantive and marketing content, and the creation of artwork with images, to coding, testing, and finally bringing it online.

The website is also constantly monitored, and we add various types of content and other materials to improve communication with the audience and publish new information related to Heidi's dynamic development as a company.