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Areas where we operate:

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Increase Sales
Big Ramy knows how to increase his brawn, and you can increase your sales! Instead of reaching for dumbbells, reach for your phone and contact us. We know what kind of workout to prepare for your company in order for it to not only gain muscle mass but also get sculpted.
We use:
Social media campaigns
Google Shopping
Local campaigns
Product branding
Generate Leads
We collect hard leads like Serena Williams collects gold medals. We do not use a tennis racket for this, but social media and Google. For particularly demanding projects, we reach for non-standard tools and we do not hesitate to use them.
We work based on:
Campaign template on social media
Google search campaigns
Conversion campaigns
Recruitment pages
Attract a New Audience
It is nice that among your fans you will find your mom and her neighbors, but you will not sell anything thanks to this. Reach a new audience! We know what to do in order for your brand to be on top, but do you?
We use:
Youtube (Google Ads) campaigns
Video campaigns on social media
Outdoor (Billboards, pamphlets)
E-mail/SMS campaigns
Build Your Brand as an Employer
"Fine feathers make fine birds" - that is a truth that has been known for decades. We will help you build and develop your image as an employer for whom Gordon Ramsay would stop cooking and Mick Jagger would quit the Rolling Stones.
We can do this thanks to:
Employer branding
Running social media channels
Publications and articles

Our activities in numbers:

online campaigns
supported fanpages
35 000
generated leads

Your image in our hands

Step by step we are building the position of the largest players on the market.
We analyse needs, build lasting relationships, create original messages, design an image. We operate comprehensively, focusing on trust, experience and professionalism.

We play as a team

We believe that professional communication is a synergy of creative activities of individualists. To achieve the best results, we combine the strength of our team and passion of individuals every day.
Check what we can do for you!

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