SMALLTHINGS: rebranding – creating a new visual identity

When as a company, you’re preparing for an important business trip, you need to ensure the right attire that's tailored to the occasion – this is your corporate visual identity. And if the purpose of this trip is to take over the world with new technology, your outfit really needs to be of the highest quality. Read: created by XO Media specialists 🙂

SMALLTHINGS were well aware of this. The year 2023 became a breakthrough year for them due to the new stage of promotion of the IMT (Innovative Microwave Technology) they were co-creating. It uses microwaves to neutralize and dispose of waste, as well as to purify emissions and eliminate unpleasant odors. And when you add the thermal and electrical energy released during these processes, it’s clear that IMT-based devices are the

The first step in the transformation of the SMALLTHINGS brand was changing the logo. It took into account not only current graphics trends but also the fact that the company was starting to operate in two ways. 
This is because, in addition to developing, promoting, and selling IMT technology, SMALLTHINGS 
is continuing its IT activities. These are comprehensive support for companies in the areas of ERM and CRM systems – especially SAP.

We assigned a distinctive colour to each area – blue for IMT technology, and magenta for the IT area. This division was also reflected in the logo, of which we created three versions. In addition to the two above-mentioned colours, we’ve also prepared a universal version based on black. Depending on whether SMALLTHINGS is communicating with the environment as an IMT supplier, SAP consultants, or generally as the entire company, it can use an appropriate version of the identity.