SECAWO Personel is part of SO Group that recruits temporary staff by offering them employment within the territory of Germany.

Our task consisted in introducing the brand into new foreign market – Romania. We chose Facebook as our main communication channel and carried out organic and paid activities there.

Recruitment campaign / Lead Ads / copywriting / social media

 01.  Our Candidates

Secawo target group consists in particular of individuals interested in getting employed in the care sector. Our advertisements are addressed to users connected with broadly understood care sector and having useful skills and experience (e.g. nurses, former healthcare staff members).

Individuals employed by Secawo are delegated to care for seniors in Germany. The Client has some requirements that need to be met already within the first stage of the recuirtment process. The carer is asked to present their availability, experience gained while caring for seniors as well as their knowledge of the German language.

 02.  Lead campaigns

Budget strategy assumed gradual increase of fees for subsequent advertisement at the moment when they achieved satisfactory results. Already after the launch we noticed high response from the Candidates – in the first week of the campaign, the lowest average cost per lead that we managed to achieve was PLN 0.96!

In the first quarter, the effectiveness of campaign aired in Romania was increasing regularly.

In the best month of our activity we acquired as many as 100 leads more compared to the preceding month. Thanks to constant optimizations, average value of report within the campaign reached PLN 0.70.

 03.  Effectiveness and efficiency

Our campaign reaches up to 50 thousand users per month. The advertisements are displayed on average ca. 200 thousand times and they generate 10 thousand clicks.

We currently provide our Client with over 20 contacts per day thanks to using various Facebook Ads formats.

What is more, we rely on reach-based advertisements connected with fanpage likes, which enables us to build a wide remarketing group in Romania.

We complement the communications concerning legal employment options, benefits or new projects with image creations with which our target users can identify.

 04.  What is the source of success?

Together with our Client we have established clear communications as well as rules for introducing the service into the foreign market. In our daily work we opt for transparency and building professional image of the employer among potential Candidates.

By uniting our resources with Secawo external department we monitor ongoing demand for leads and competitors. Join us to achieve better results for your company!