Kuźnia Jawor

For over 40 years, Kuźnia Jawor has been making steel products for Customers from the construction, metallurgical and automotive industries from 14 European countries. Compared to the competition, it is distinguished by a wide range of steel processing, automated laboratories and highly qualified employees.

Our tasks included the implementation of an online recruitment campaign for industrial positions as well as the preparation of offline recruitment materials.

recruitment campaign / Lead Ads / copywriting / social media

During the implementation of the "Work in Kuźnia Jawor" campaign, we focused on the company's experience, benefits from working in the industrial sector as well as opportunities for development in individual positions. We have completed the messages about stable work with longer than 4-month Facebook Lead advertisements.


Facebook Ads

Facebook is a platform that is most often visited by users looking for a job (and thus outclasses even LinkedIn). We ran the campaigns locally – in Jawor and in the nearest towns. Despite the limited location, we managed to reach almost 100,000 people in our advertising activities. The vast majority of recipients of the ads used mobile devices. In terms of age people aged 35-44, then 25-34 turned out to be the most engaged group.


from Candidates

Our developed and consistently implemented strategy of activities as well as the use of advertising tools available on Facebook contributed to a significant increase in engagement around the Kuźnia Jawor brand and led to obtain 232 job applications.


of activities

The campaign ended in December 2021. Many recruitment specialists describe this period as unfavourable for new recruitment projects. However, thanks to the optimisation of the campaign, we managed to obtain the most applications compared to other periods – 20% more than in the previous month, and the average cost of contact decreased by more than 40%.

The campaign was visible mainly in external and digital channels, incl. on Facebook, as well as at selected points in Jawor (Dolnośląskie Voivodeship). As part of our activities, we prepared BTL recruitment materials and took over full moderation of advertisements on the web.