Statistically, all Poles have Hasco-Lek in their medicine cabinet. It’s no wonder that this producer supplies over 48 million medicines, supplements, cosmetics, and other medicinal products to the market every year. But what about if it was Hasco-Lek that needed something? And specifically, as many people as possible interested in recruitment being conducted by the company?

A medicine for a lack of employees

Hasco-Lek needed approximately 100 specialists for operating manufacturing machinery in its factories in Wrocław and neighbouring Siechnice. Importantly, they were looking for people with experience. After all, drug manufacturing is a process that requires not only advanced technologies, but also people who know how to use them..

Digital cure

What drugs have we put on the prescription for Hasco-Lek? First of all, Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns. During the treatment, the latter turned out to be the most effective, namely the ads we created using Facebook Forms. How does it look in terms of numbers?

Effectiveness: 300%

The above numbers show one more important thing: we managed to achieve the initial assumptions of the three-month campaign in... one month. The client received so many submissions that the HR Department couldn't keep up with contacting the candidates. We achieved this success by constantly optimizing the campaign – during it, we learnt that: