Oversize transport is no joke. The weight is counted in tens of tons, and there is not even a millimetre of room for error. That is why one of the industry leaders, accustomed to professionalism in its actions, bet on PR professionals. Centrans is a family company that has been successfully operating on the market for over 30 years. The company commenced the next stage of its journey with XO MEDIA, equipped with new tools to build its image and recognition.

The basis of our activities is the brand book created by us from scratch. The elements of visual identification collected in it were used to develop further brand communication tools - including, above all, a new responsive website. In addition to the new Centrans logotype, the brand book also includes designs of company business cards and letterhead, new colours and fonts, as well as graphic designs for social media channels.




Social media


A special element of the project was the creation of a graphic design to be used for wrapping company trucks. Thanks to this, the traveling Centrans advertisements became more recognizable, fitting into a coherent image of the brand. We carried out the fleet branding process from A to Z: from the concept and design taking into account the regulations applicable to vehicles in road traffic in Poland and abroad, through the selection of appropriate foils and their printing, to their application on Centrans vehicles.