VALLMO is a family manufacturer of personalized furniture and original interior design elements. The strength of Icelandic geysers and the delicacy of sand on Scandinavian beaches have become an inspiration for naming and comprehensive branding of the brand.

naming / branding / graphic design

The starting point for creating the name were two specific guidelines: a reference to the Scandinavian style, which is – harmony, aesthetics, and beauty of forms, and emphasizing that it is a family business. A subtle combination of these two guidelines was found in the Norwegian word "vallmo", meaning... "poppy".

The beautiful combination of extremes to create a unique composition, tailored to the individual requirements of the customer, has been reflected in the branding. The typography referring to single boards perfectly matches the colors of the earth: cool green, pale blue and dimmed red.

Together with the elements of the leaflet, we also designed thank-you-note, which in the eyes of the customer personalizes the shipment and gives it an individual touch. The use of ecological papers with appropriate weights sums up the story of VALLMO: the most beautiful comes from nature.