SECAWO is a temporary employment agency that employs care personnel from Poland and Romania in Germany. Our goal was to comprehensively create a visual identification system and strategically develop online image activities.

brand strategy / webdesign / graphic design / social media / online ads / BTL

In order to reach potential employees and increase their activity in terms of recruitment, we used various online advertising activities. Product and image creations were published on Facebook, the search network, recruitment portals and industry forums. The multi-level activities resulted in an increase in the number of employees.

Thanks to the effective combination of visual materials and Lead Ads campaigns, we generated nearly 560 leads per month. We reached the candidates with experience and with at least a basic knowledge of the German language. We also increased the traffic on the client's website by 81% during the first wave of the pandemic (March-June 2020).

The consistently implemented strategy of actions contributed to a significant increase in user involvement and interest in the SECAWO brand. We raised the standards of Candidate service in social media while maintaining the client's business goals.