Since 2005, INVENT has been providing inventory services for trade, logistics and production in Poland and abroad, including Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, France, Luxembourg, Albania and Italy.

Our task is the comprehensive outsourcing of marketing activities conducted for internal employees and candidates for temporary work.

communication strategy / recruitment campaigns / Lead Ads / rebranding / consulting

Constantly measuring interactions and realizing the target are our main goals. INVENT, as a tycoon on the European inventory market, must effectively reach target groups and efficiently carry out recruitment processes.

We provided INVENT with an extensive employee portal - from content through graphic design to fully functional programming implementation.

Website redesign was one of the main pillars of the strategy. A consistent interface and understanding of users' problems were the basis for starting the changes. INVENT received from us a page with possibilities of continuous optimization in terms of increasing conversions.

Recognition and a transparent image are the basis for INVENT's development. We carried out their rebranding process and implementation of the new visual identification step by step. We wanted to create a brand with thoughtful identification and modern reception.

We carry out advertising and sales campaigns on various advertising platforms. For INVENT, Google Ads has become the most effective method of selling services. Thanks to the extensive possibility of bargaining advertisements, we reach the expected groups of recipients.

The implementation plan for each campaign included measuring key events: applications for selected job offers, registrations on the employee portal, expenditure on advertising activities and the number of signed contracts.

The configurations of XO MEDIA specialists allowed us to measure the effectiveness of the campaign, and above all, to move on to the next steps within the adopted strategies.