Cutstyle is a brand that offers practical and expressive gifts in the form of personalized knives.
Their unique feature is a marking always created by the customer in a dedicated wizard on the website. Thanks to this, it embraces the brand, the world of experiences and emotions, as well as its identity and personality.

naming/ branding/ webdesign/ motion graphic/ social media

The minimalist design and two expressive colours bring clarity to the message, while attracting the attention of the recipient.

The manner the product is presented emphasizes the most important brand features: professionalism, functionality and simplicity.

The main purpose of the promotional activities was to build the image and brand awareness in the eyes of its recipients and generate sales.

Creating a personalized marking using the wizard makes you the owner of an original and unique product. Emotions become the basic tool in the fight for customers.

To facilitate the use of the wizard we have created a short animation, which is a transparent instruction manual for the entire product personalization panel, as well as an additional element encouraging the purchase.