In the world of social media, you have to be as flexible as a rubber band. Change colours like a gecko. Bind the attention of the recipients with a strong adhesive, but with an appropriate admixture of humour. We have applied this original recipe in cooperation with Bostik – and we are pleased to say that it worked great.

Social media / Ads / PR

Bostik is a leading global manufacturer of construction chemicals, currently employing over 6,000 people in 49 countries on 5 continents. It specializes in developing and manufacturing innovative bonding and sealing solutions. Since its creation in 1889, the company has patented more than 9,000 technologies.

The tasks entrusted to XO MEDIA included comprehensive management of the Polish company profile and PR communication with national media.


The aim of our activities is to constantly increase the media coverage of the brand and its recognition, as well as to create a positive image of Bostik.

How do we do this? Bostik products are world-class construction chemicals. The highest quality and innovation should be adequately presented, which is why we focused on refined graphics and catchy, lightweight content. We use a simple, loose style of expression, showing the advantages of products in everyday situations. We give some materials the form of short graphic and text inspiration, while others – longer content available on the company's blog.

The results of our actions are an increase of 71% in Facebook visitors during the first 3 months of running it, more than 600,000 page views in paid campaigns on the portal and more than 300 shares. Above all, however, thanks to the good results, we are constantly developing cooperation that sticks very well